What Is A Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster works for YOU – the Insured.  Just as insurance companies have adjusters who work for them to evaluate insurance claims, policyholders have the right to retain their own adjuster to make sure claims are handled properly and settled fairly.  A public adjuster is a licensed professional. To obtain a license, a candidate undergoes a background check, must pass an exam issued by the State of Georgia and have qualified experience in adjusting claims.

What Sets HPAC Apart

Having a license alone does not make a public adjuster an effective representative.  Many public adjusters and attorneys simply do not have the skill set to maximize your claim benefits.  Others may just sit idly by waiting for the insurance company to tell them the value of your claim.  This is not HPAC’s method!

HPAC does not wait to see what your insurance company is going to do for you; we tell them what you are entitled to. We do this by preparing detailed and comprehensive evaluations for each claim.  Our experienced team assesses each aspect of your property loss.  We review your insurance policy to make certain all applicable coverages are included. We meet with the insurance company representatives, present your claim and stay by your side every step of the way.

We take pride in being your personal advocate.

Why HPAC Is Effective

When you hire HPAC you are hiring an industry leader of experts. Our team includes licensed contractors, accountants, insurance industry experts, and dedicated support staff—all committed to a single goal, to help you, the policyholder.

We handle each claim as if your property is our own, performing value assessments independent of your insurance company’s numbers. We know how hard you have worked for what you have and how devastating it can be to suffer a loss.

Our experience is vast and based on personally handling a variety of residential and commercial losses. We have a proven track record filled with a client history of satisfied customers whose testimonials illustrate our exceptional service and work.

We are available to answer your questions and help you through the claims process at any time, so feel free to contact us and start your free consultation today.

Do You Need A Public Adjuster?

If your loss has been denied, we can review it for you.

If your loss has been paid and you are not sure if it is sufficient, we can review it for you.

If you just suffered a loss and you are not sure if it is covered, we can provide valuable insight.

If you suffered a loss and you just want someone by your side every step of the way, we can be there for you.

We here at HPAC pride ourselves on offering services to policyholders where we determine it would be in their best interest.   HPAC is willing to work for its fee by taking on claims where there is a genuine need for our expert services.  That is why our first consultation is always free.  We will tell you if there is a need for our services or not.  We want you to make an informed decision about retaining our services or any other claims advocate.


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